Sunday, March 3, 2013

How To Get Pregnant With A girl Naturally

Many couples would want to get pregnant with a girl as their first child or would want to have a baby girl after a baby boy or so. There is now greater amount of information available on how to get pregnant with a girl and that also naturally. Many people would take medicines and try out various sex positions to get pregnant with a girl but actually that is the hard way to go about it. A couple can have intercourse in any position as it may not contribute much to the gender they want for their child but many doctors suggest a particular sex position.

Man and woman must know about their bodies in detail. The body of woman is different than a man and when a couple is having intercourse, they must know, that the deeper the man will penetrate, the less acidic that area of the vagina will be and more would be the chances of male sex sperms with Y chromosomes to survive. This would lead to a baby boy. So what men must know is that they should penetrate less into their partners so that their sperms carrying X chromosomes have more chances to survive in the vagina of female for long and travel in the blood of woman to give rise to a baby girl.

This is one of the ways. Another natural way to conceive a baby girl is by having intercourse much time before the ovulation. This is the time when the body of woman is being prepared and the level of hormones in the body of woman can help the X chromosomes from men survive for long and travel in the blood to fertilize the egg carrying only X chromosome. This is a natural way to get pregnant with a girl.

What women can do is have foods and fruits that are more acidic and that would create an acidic environment in the blood that would only be fit for the survival of X chromosomes from the males. This can be done by women by taking grapefruit, vegetables, dairy products and fish. All these foods will create the right environment in the body of women to help them conceive a baby girl. Other foods can be citrus fruits and juices that can maintain the acidic levels in the blood.

These methods are natural and carry no side effect. The couple can look for other natural ways for conceiving a baby girl. There are other ways to conceive a baby girl but those methods are more scientific and more detailed. They tend to make the couple tired and keep them under the stress of conceiving a baby girl. If you have tried all natural ways to get pregnant with a girl, then you must consult your doctor and ask your doctor about what should be done next. Some scientific methods have proven to be safe and have given positive and accurate results regarding the gender of the child.

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